What is the human feeling quiz on TikTok and how to take it?

A FEELING quiz has taken social media by storm.

TikTokers flood the app with a myriad of interesting results.


TikTok and Twitter users rack up views/likes to showcase their human sentiment quiz results

What is the human feeling quiz on TikTok?

A quiz titled “what human feeling are you” is currently going viral on social media.

Users take the test to try to determine which specific human feeling relates to their being.

Quiz questions include: “choose a drink”, “choose a random life event that suits you”, “what would you like right now” and more.

After answering a total of 10 questions – each with four answers to choose from – users get scores ranging from “sincere love” to “humble” and “discouragement”.

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How do I take the human feeling quiz?

The quiz is posted on a site called Uquiz; a website where users around the world can create their own quizzes to share with their online community.

To access the quiz, click here.

However, since the quiz is in Russian, users must translate the page into English, or any other preferred language, using a web browser.

A quiz titled


A quiz titled ‘how human feeling are you’ is currently going viral on TikTokCredit: Getty Images – Getty

What are people saying about the quiz?

TikTok and Twitter users rack up thousands of views/likes for showcasing their quiz results.

Social media has led to the growing popularity of the quiz.

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One user took to Twitter to share that her sense of humanity was “lying in a meadow on a sunny day” and wrote:

“I did the quiz “How human do I feel” and the result made me happy :)”

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