YCD Multimedia adds six new service offerings – rAVe [PUBS]

YCD Multimedia has launched six new service offerings aimed at monitoring, managing, hosting, automating and creating content for digital signage applications across a wide range of verticals. These services may be bundled with other YCD products or may be an a la carte item used in digital signage.

The six new service offerings include:

  • Proactive monitoring: This service includes an active software agent installed on each media player that provides continuous reporting, remote access, automatic alerts and problem resolution.
  • Content Management: YCD offers managed services for all levels of content management, which include everything from a complete send-and-forget process to a partial customer-involved process.
  • Hosting: YCD offers an all-inclusive hosting service for Cnario and RAMP products. YCD offers shared or dedicated servers.
  • Templates: YCD templates package for Cnario or RAMP is designed to provide a complete solution for daily messaging needs such as birthdays, holidays, employees of the month, weather, traffic, news, health and well-being, etc.
  • Workflow customization: YCD leverages APIs and SDKs to create a custom workflow for all your digital signage needs using a scheduling algorithm, to a simplified user interface (UI) for download and content planning.
  • Custom Content: YCD offers custom content development to complement its software offering, with custom content for any digital signage application. This includes brand-specific content, triggered experiences, interactive elements, templates, dynamic feeds, HTML5 and more.

All the details are here: https://ycdmultimedia.com/services.

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